London Trip Day 5 (June 6, 2011): Another Day Another Castle

And we are on the road again. After a day of lying around the hotel, watching tennis, and resting we hit the road again. We ended up waking up at around 11 AM again and we all are not sure what is making us so tired.

Today's adventure took us to Windsor Castle a 30-mile drive outside the city of London. This is by far the shortest road trip we have taken thus far. We made it to Windsor right after lunchtime and were able to find parking relatively easy. We still had a pretty lengthy walk from where we parked up to the Castle that was perched on the hill. On our walk we walked through the downtown area lined with shops, restaurants, and all sorts of different things.

Literally within a few steps of reaching the downtown area we came across a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream place, which is Jenn's favorite. Before we went there though Jenn and I picked up a quick lunch at the place right across from it. I had a pepperoni pizza and Jenn had blue berry muffins and wedge fries. From there we stopped at Ben and Jerry's and she got a Hot Chocolate and a Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Getting a Quick Bite to Eat in Windsor

We then made our way up the hill and through security and in Windsor Castle. Probably even more so then Dover Castle, Windsor Castle is extremely spread out. We started off in the bottom area where the gardens are and then worked our way up. The Windsor Castle is a complete opposite of what we saw in Dover as well. Where Dover was a defensive castle, Windsor is much more of a "show" castle. In fact we were told that the Queen was there earlier in the day and would be holding a big event there the following week.

Beautiful Gardens Right Inside Windsor Castle

Jenn and Her Dad In Front of Windsor Castle

The Beautiful Windsor Castle

We spent around two hours going in and out of the many different buildings. The weather was cool and overcast which made walking around all that much easier. We all enjoyed our time at the Windsor Castle but all agreed that Dover was much more of an interesting castle to look at. After we got done with touring the castle we made our way out of the castle and down back to Ben and Jerry's so this time Jenn could get her ultimate favorite strawberry shake.

We Couldn't Get the Guard to Laugh

The Grass is So Green

Jenn is in Heaven

At this point it was almost 5 PM so we jumped back in the VW Golf and headed back to London. We hit a bit more congestion coming back to the hotel but still nothing in comparison to the past few major road trips. When we got back to the hotel we put away our stuff and headed out to dinner. The first choice for dinner wasn't open until 7 PM and the other wasn't open on Mondays so we decided to go to another Pub that was a great choice. I went with an Amstel and Fish and Chips that was great. Jenn had a rib eye steak with fries and was in heaven and Jenn's dad got a burger that actually looked pretty good for London standards. It was a really good and relaxing meal and by far the best pub food we have had.


My Fish and Chips

A Nice Piece of Meat

Nice Looking Burger

At that point we were all pooped out and called it a day. It was really nice to have a break in the long drives and just do a quick up and back trip. Tomorrow Jenn and I are going back to the place we got engaged and have reservations for dinner at the same place we were supposed to eat the night we got engaged so we are really excited about that. We are coming down to the last few days of the trip so let's make sure to make them count!