London Trip Day 4 (June 5, 2011): London's Rain is Falling Down

After two straight days of road trips, today marked the first in which we stayed in. For good measure to as it rained for the majority of the day. Jenn and I ended up waking up at around 11 AM and started to get ready. Our original plan was to go tour Wimbledon but with the weather and feeling like we all needed a break it ended up being a rest day.

For some reason I thought for sure I saw a Burger King right around the corner from us on one of our walks and thought that would be a perfect quick meal for lunch. So Jenn and I headed out at around 1:30 to go in search of it and bring it back to watch the French Open Final with Jenn's dad.  After an hour of walking in about a mile radius we confirmed there was not a Burger King so we made it back to her dad's room and ordered room service. Jenn and I split a burger and fries and her dad got a chicken sandwich and bruschetta.

Come On Federer You Can Take Nadal!

We did stay and watch almost the entire Nadal v Federer final but when it looked like Nadal had it won in the 4th Set we turned it off. We did however go downstairs to the free business center and purchase tickets to go see Lion King (the musical) on Wednesday June 8th at 7:30 PM in the front row. It should be a pretty fun musical to see

Gloomy Day in London

Once dinnertime rolled around (7PM) we went to the local Lots Road Pub and had dinner, well sort of. Jenn only had a roasted tomato soup with a chocolate brownie w/ vanilla ice cream and her dad got bread and butter and a toffee brownie with ice cream. I on the other hand ate dinner and had the same soup as Jenn as well as a sausage and potatoes main course. I also went with the waiter’s suggestion on a beer, which was the same that they supposedly served at the Royal Wedding and it was good but not great a little darker then I prefer.

Jenn's Soup

Good Beer, Just Not My Favorite

Sausage and Potatoes

Jenn's Dads Dinner

After that we called it a night. It was a really simple and relaxing day. The trip will regain some momentum tomorrow when we head off to see Windsor Castle a short 30-mile drive from our hotel. Let's just hope the weather holds out for the rest of the trip.