London Trip Day 2 (June 3, 2011): Stonehenge Rocks!

After a very smooth first day of the trip we were ready to head out to our first road trip. We ended up waking up at around 10 AM London Time and were on the road by noon.

Getting to Stonehenge from London is about a 90-mile drive but the majority of the time is spent just getting through the city and onto the motorway (freeway). Our drive to Stonehenge was pretty uneventful except for having to find a quick pit stop in the middle of nowhere.

We made it to Stonehenge at around 1 PM and it was a picture perfect day. One of the first things we all agreed upon at arrival was how much smaller the rocks were from what they look like on TV and in Pictures. It was still a really neat experience to be able to see one of the most unusual stops on our trips. Obviously once you have walked around it once there isn't a ton left to do there nor is there anything in the surrounding area of Stonehenge so we paid the admission, walked around the sight, and were off.

Just Arriving at Stonehenge

Walking Around Stonehenge

A Great View of Stonehenge

Jenn Gives a Thumbs Up For Stonehenge

Jenn Loves All of the Sheep In the Background

They did have a small cafe at the entrance and Jenn and I got lunch there. I originally ordered a slice of pizza they were out, then I ordered quiche, and they were out, so I got a sausage roll and Jenn got a piece of shortbread. Mine was one of the worst things I have ever eaten in my life and Jenn's was pretty plain but at least was edible.

From there we headed to Bath to see the Roman Baths a 30 minute drive and from many people a must stop. The drive to Bath was absolutely gorgeous, some of the prettiest countryside you could imagine. Rolling green hills, tall trees, roaming animals, the whole bit. Having done little to no research on the city of Bath we all had very little in way of expectations. However it was one of the most beautiful cities I have visited in Europe. There is a beautiful river the cuts straight through the downtown area with a stone bridge.

We got into town right around 4 PM and we knew the museum for the Roman Baths closed at 5 so we had to hustle to find a parking spot. We found one and Jenn was smart enough to ask if we were allowed to park there which we weren't but we found out about a parking lot a bit down the road so I drove us down there and we walked up the heart of the city.

Walking into the city of Bath

Jenn and I in front of River Within Bath

The Beautiful River Within the City of Bath

The Roman Baths museum was a bit of a letdown. Jenn had expected there to be much more beauty and ancient baths but instead there is the main center bath which was filled with an off green tinted water and the rest were unfilled and not all that interesting to look at. When we were getting our tickets the lady had mentioned that the average person takes around 1 hr. and 15 mins to get through the entire museum. Rounding up I think we spent 20 minutes.

Right In Front of Roman Baths

Roman Baths

After the short trip to the museum we wandered through the beautiful city. We didn't want to walk around for to long, as the drive back was a good 2+ hour trek. We did however stop for some delicious ice cream at this cart on our way back to the car. Jenn got literally 5 scoops of this strawberry ice cream and it was some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten.

Jenn Takes Yet Another Stunning Shot

A Great View of the River Within The City of Bath

Jenn Plowing Through Her Strawberry Ice Cream

We made our way back to the car and headed back for London. Once we got out of the city of Bath and onto the motorway Jenn fell asleep and I listened to UK Sports Talk (AM Radio) listening for updated on the French Open. We made it back to our hotel safe and sound at around 8PM. We ended up eating dinner at the hotels restaurant and were completely under dressed. Jenn got her typical Spaghetti Bolognase; I got Fish and Chips, and her dad a small roasted chicken. I did manage to get a glass of Pinot Grigio and they had a chef's special of roasted ham meat with a nut bread that was delicious.

Chef's Special

It Taste Like Chicken

Jenn's Go To Order

Delicious Fish and Chips

When Jenn was planning out our trip it was days like these that I was really looking forward to. If we do hold the course it looks like we have a few more "road trip days" and then a few days to spend in London. Let's hope they all can match up to the great day today.