Finding Something to Watch During the Dog Days of Summer

Working full-time for the past two years has been an adjustment for both Jenn and I. We are both extremely grateful for having a job but there is no denying most days we come home and just want to veg. During most of the year we have a DVR full of shows to catch up on and usually that will help give us something to relax to during the week. Well during the dog days of summer our DVR is literally empty outside of the two hours of The Bachelorette and Friday Night Lights.

So this summer we have decided to give a few series that have been highly praised by critics and honestly looked pretty interesting and those are Mad Men and Breaking Bad both amazing series on AMC. Using Amazon Prime's two day shipping I have been buying these seasons as we go through them and I have to admit we are loving it. Both shows are extremely well acted and both super entertaining. So even though there may be nothing on TV during the summer at least there are two great shows available on blu-ray!