Finished The Big Move into the Townhome

I have to admit this past weekend is a bit of a blur. In many ways I am glad it went so fast I have never really "moved" before. When Jenn and I got our first place we had little to nothing to bring with us, and a year later we had a jam packed one bedroom apartment and it took us quite a bit of time to box it up. Speaking of boxing it up, Jenn just so happened to come down with a cold on the week we were moving which left me to pack up 95% of the place. I say it was a bit convenient but hey that's just me. Before I get into the moving process here is the video of Jenn and I when we got our keys to our town home. You can take a tour of the place before we moved anything in, which honestly now that I look back seems like years ago.

So onto the moving experience. As I have never moved before I hadn't had any experience with "movers" before so I just went off google reviews and Jenn and I picked Excalibur Moving. They had given us a window of 12pm-6pm for our moving so Jenn and I moved all day Saturday morning (March 27th). So after spending all of Friday night and Saturday morning moving we headed to Islands at around noon to get some lunch. No later then about 5 minutes after we sat down and had already ordered the movers called and said they would be there in a half hour. So we got our food to go, and ran back to the apartment where the movers came right on time.

When we reserved the movers we got a 2 man crew, well wouldn't you know it four guys showed up. We ended up working out a deal to pay the same amount we would have for 2 with the 4 which did end up getting us moved out of the apartment much quicker. They got the apartment packed up in an hour and unpacked at our townhome in less then an hour. We spent the rest of the weekend unpacking and are continuing to do so throughout the week to get ready for our mini goldendoodle puppy this weekend. What a crazy couple of weeks.