Barcelona Trip Day 5 (March 8, 2010): Let it Snow, Let it Snow

After one of the best meals of the trip last night I fell asleep within seconds of hitting the sack, while Jenn on the other hand did everything but sleep. At around 1:30am I heard Jenn still awake and so we turned on the TV to see if there was anything in English we could bare to watch. After doing a little surfing we found a German television station showing the Academy Awards Red Carpet Special. Every year for the past four years Jenn and I have put together a little party for the two of us to pick the winners and enjoy the Oscars, so having this one was quite the treat. The red carpet coverage was for the majority of the time broadcast in German but they did have quick points of English thrown in depending on who the host was talking to on the red carpet. However to our delight when the Oscars did begin it was 100% in English which to be honest we were really excited about. I am not sure if it was the fact that we hadn't had anything to watch on TV the entire trip, or that Jenn was wide awake in the middle of the night but we did enjoy this years Academy Awards, although didn't love the duo of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. The show ended at 6am Barcelona time so we went to sleep just as the sun was starting to rise and at that time it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

Watching Academy Awards at Le Meridian

Watching the Red Carpet Show & The Academy Awards in Barcelona

I ended up waking up at around 1pm and looked outside and to my utter surprise that snow was coming down. After waking up Jenn to show her the snow fall we decided to get ready for the day and go check it out. After going outside to just see how it felt we ended up heading off to lunch at a very modern restaurant on La Rambla called The Attic. Given the snow I decided to wear my trusty Angels hat which actually got Jenn and I talking to one of the restaurants waiters who was from La Habra and of course recognized my hat and told us that he used to live out in California for a while. It is always interesting how much more pride you have in where you live when you are overseas and how you do still seem to always come across people who live in the same areas as you do. We started off our meal at The Attic with Cod Fitters and Bread with Tomatoes, Jenn went with a filet (no surprise there) and I had a shoulder of lamb. By the time we finished this extremely tasty lunch the weather outside had really started to pick up and the snow was really starting to come down.

Standing Out in the First Signs of Snow in Barcelona

The Snow is Just Starting to Fall

Cod Fritters @ The Attic La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Our First Starter: Cod Fritters

Bread with Tomatoes @ The Attic La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Our Second Starter: Toasted Bread with Tomatoes

Shoulder of Lamb @ The Attic La Rambla Barcelona Spain

My Shoulder of Lamb

Filet @ The Attic La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Jenn's Filet of Beef

View from The Attic Barcelona, Spain

A Great View of the Snow Falling from The Attic looking At Our Hotel Le Meridien

Being from an area which never experiences snow, and only being in snow a handful of times Jenn and I had a boost of adrenaline from what might otherwise be an inconvenience to a trip, especially from those trying to get away from this kind of weather. So for fun Jenn and I decided to walk up and down La Rambla and just take it all in. We ended up heading down towards the end of the street where the Opera House is to see if there was anyway we could pick up our tickets for the following night. After a few minutes on this walk we realized we were under prepared and under dressed for this sort of weather and quickly realized the weather was winning the battle. We ended up getting our tickets at the Opera House (unlike directions we had been previously given from our Hotel which said we had to get them at these ATM's) and literally speed walked back to our hotel.  When we got back to the hotel we decided to stop at the hotels coffee shop where I had a Espresso and Jenn went with a really good hot chocolate. After the warming break we decided that it would be much more intelligent to watch the snow come down from our nice toasty room, so that is exactly what we did.

Jenn Standing in the Snow on La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Walking on La Rambla in the Snow!!

Standing on La Rambla in the Snow

I Wish I had More then a T-Shirt On Underneath the Jacket!

Warm Hot Coco @ Illy Cafe Le Meridian

Some Much Needed Warmth from the Cool Snowy Day in Barcelona

Keeping in mind that we wanted to relax, we decided to call it a day and just watch the beautiful snow come down through La Rambla from our hotel room. I have to admit that watching the roofs get covered in pure white and just sitting back and enjoying the trip, this was one of those feelings that you think can only happen in movies. We ended up ordering room service for dinner, where Jenn got spaghetti with tomato sauce with vanilla ice cream, and I had a club sandwich. Today ended up being a really relaxing day, starting it off watch the Academy Awards and finishing it watching the sun go down and the streetlights highlight all of the days snow throughout La Rambla. We cannot wait to see what our last day in Barcelona has in store for us.

Snowy Rooftop Shot from Suite at Le Meridian Barcelona

Snow Filled Rooftops (View from our Room)

Snow Filled Trees of La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Tree Branches Are Covered With Snow

Beautiful Snow Shot on La Rambla

Much Heavier Snow.. Beautiful Shot Across from our Hotel Room

Club Sandwhich from Le Meridian Barcelona Room Service

Club Sandwich from Room Service

Le Meridian Barcelona Room Service

Our Room Service Meal