Barcelona Trip Day 4 (March 7, 2010): Jenn vs The Taxi Driver

We are starting to build up a reoccurring theme on this trip to Barcelona, and that is that we are not adjusting all that well to the new time zone. This morning was no exception as we went to bed at a legitimate time, but ended up waking up at about 2am wide awake ready for the day. We ended up getting back to sleep at around 5am and woke up around 10am. From there we packed up our luggage, said our sad goodbyes, called for a taxi, and were off to the Le Meridien located on La Rambla.

The taxi ride was odd for a number of reasons, first the driver was paying very little attention to the road, and secondly we had a small issue when it came time to pay for the ride. The taxi ended up costing 28 euros from the Gran Hotel La Florida to the Le Meridien and Jenn handed the driver a 50 euro and so the driver handed us a 2 euro coin back and made no motion or effort to look for the remaining 20 euro's we were owed. So Jenn and I both got a little upset and asked where the rest of the change was. After a bit of "spanglish" we ended up working it out and peace was restored, but it was a little hairy there for a second.

We then checked in at the Le Meridien where we had booked a Junior Suite but were upgraded to a Prestige Suite which has a bedroom, living room, dining area, walk in closet and a nice bathroom.

Prestige Suite at Le Meridian Barcelona

Prestige Suite at Le Meridien

Prestige Suite at Le Meridian Barcelona

Writing Desk at Prestige Suite

Prestige Suite at Le Meridian Barcelona

Bedroom at Le Meridien

Prestige Suite at Le Meridian Barcelona

Bathroom in the Prestige Suite at the Le Meridien

Le Meridian Barcelona, Spain

Outside of the Le Meridien

After checking in and getting settled into the room we put away our  stuff and began walking up and down La Rambla watching many of the  street performers and looking at many of the restaurants scouting out  places to eat for the rest of the week. The famous street is quite the popular attraction as there are people literally everywhere roaming the streets. We checked out some of the street shops, street performers, and just tried to take in everything that was going on. It was kind of neat to see the Barcelona Marathon also running through La Rambla which was fun as well.

Jenn on La Rambla

Jenn standing on La Rambla

At a Fountain at La Rambla

Standing In Front of a Fountain

We ended up picking a pizzeria for lunch where Jenn for the first time did not get pasta (and stopped her streak at 3) but got a margherita pizza and I got a margherita pizza with ham. It was a nice lunch and we even met a couple from Vegas who was taking a cruise nearly identical to the one Jenn and I took back in 2008.

Pizza on La Rambla

Margherita Pizza at a La Rambla Pizzeria

Cheese & Ham Pizza on La Rambla

Margherita Pizza with Ham at a La Rambla Pizzeria

After lunch we continued to walk around La Rambla a bit more and ended up heading back to the room for an afternoon nap. What can be better? We decided after our nice afternoon slumber that we would head to the hotels restaurant Cent 111 Once a wonderful Spanish restaurant with a ton of style and class. The restaurant had an amazing deal on a four course meal which is what I went with and Jenn started her meal with pea soup with a pouched egg. My meal started with a vegetable salad with mozzarella, then grilled filet of gilthead, and then the best part of the meal duck magret, and finished it off with vanilla/coffee ice cream with crushed ice and baileys. Jenn finished her meal off with a filet and then of course vanilla ice cream. One of my highlights for the meal was the amazing bottle of Spanish white wine which was a nice light wine that just went down really smooth, even to the point that Jenn had a glass or two. I must say it was a little to good because I had a few to many glasses when it was all said and done. So to counteract the wine I ended off the meal with a nice strong cappuccino.

Vegetable Salad with Cheese at Cent 111 Once

Vegetable Salad with Mozzarella

Pea Soup with Pouched Egg at Cent 111 Once

Pea Soup with Pouched Egg

Filet of Gilthead at Cent 111 Once

Grilled Filet of Gilthead

Filet of Beef at Cent 111 Once

Filet of Beef

Duck at Cent 111 Once

Duck Magret

Vanilla & Coffee Ice Cream at Cent 111 Once

Vanilla & Coffee Ice Cream with Crushed Baileys

Cappacino at at Cent 111 Once

A Wonderful Cappuccino

The night ended with us heading back to our suite where I literally fell asleep right when I hit the sack where Jenn stayed up straightening her hair and refusing to adjust to the Barcelona time zone.