Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 (November 10th, 2010): We Feel Young Again

After what was a very crazy adventure yesterday both Jenn and I slept like babies. When we woke up we saw to us Southern Californians looked like a torrential downpour. So instead of rushing outside we went back to sleep and continued to try and recover from the previous days festivities. At around 9am in the morning we woke up ordered breakfast.

This morning I had a bagel with cream cheese and Jenn had pancakes with bacon. As we were eating breakfast we realized that today would actually be a perfect day to go to the spa. Originally we had booked it for our last day (tomorrow) but we decided while it was raining we might as well go get our couples massage. Jenn called down to the spa, they said no problem and got us in for a noon appointment, although we were told to come an hour early for our “hydrotherapy” treatment.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 We Feel Young Again

The Outside of the Spa

When we arrived at the spa we got into our bathing suits and were directed to the spa area to begin our hydrotherapy. We started off with five minutes in the sauna that felt great and then were directed to go take a quick dip in a freezing (no exaggeration) pool of water jump out and go into the small very warm pool of water. We then went into the main spa area to have a series of hydrotherapy jets for five minutes each. What we both thought would just be lounging around in the spa actually turned out to be extremely relaxing and felt great. The last ten minutes we got an upper neck and shoulder massage and were then instructed to get in our robes and go to the relaxation room.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 We Feel Young Again

Inside the Spa!

The relaxation room was a large circular room with about six or eight chase’s and very soothing music. After waiting around five minutes one of our masseuse came in and took us to a very large couples room. We got ready on the massage beds and fifty minutes later we both felt like new. Jenn who has had a lot more experience in massages then I have said, “best massage ever” and I tend to agree, it was incredible.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 We Feel Young Again

I Feel Young Again!

As we left the spa with champagne in hand the sun was shinning and there was literally not a cloud in the sky. We went back up to the room ordered lunch, Jenn had Mahi Mahi and I got a club sandwich and we spent the rest of the afternoon laying out and enjoying what was left of the beautiful day.

For dinner we went to the restaurant called Lobster House that you guessed it specializes in lobster. Jenn got a Pina Colada with the Excellence Shrimp (garlic shrimp) and I got Clam Chowder (very running) and Lobster with Chipotle Butter (one of the fishiest lobsters I have ever eaten) and a glass of chardonnay. It was one of the worst meals we had at the Excellence Playa Mujeres, which was a disappointment; given how much I love lobster.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 We Feel Young Again

The Entrance to The Lobster House

Regardless we did not let that ruin our evening so we went over to one of the nicest bars at the resort, The Martini Bar. Jenn started off by polishing off a Cosmo and finished it off with an Espresso Martini. I have to say the Espresso Martini was one of the best drinks I have ever had. I started off with an Old Fashion and finish off with a dry gin martini. We spent a lot of time just enjoying our drinks at the bar and just talking about the eventful week we had thus far.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 We Feel Young Again

Jenn and I at The Martini Bar

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 5 We Feel Young Again

Enjoying a Dry Martini

After we polished off our drinks we went and played Ping Pong but I had so much to drink that Jenn worked me easily. It literally was an embarrassment to ping pong players everywhere. We went back to the room and spent a majority of the rest of the night on the second floor balcony laying out under the stars and enjoying every moment of it.