Cancun Trip 2010 Day 2 (November 7th, 2010): Easy Like Sunday Morning

For almost any trip Jenn and I take we always spend the weeks leading up to the trip checking out the weather. For a trip like Cancun, weather is crucial. As we got closer to our trip to Cancun we had seen everything (no exaggeration) from every day being forecasted to have rain to every day having sunny skies and everything in between. When we woke up on our first morning we were overjoyed to have clear skies and were ready to take on the day.

We started off our morning with ordering room service (a common trend for the week) where Jenn got scrambled eggs and bacon with cranberry juice and I got eggs Benedict and coffee.

Cancun Day 2 Easy Like Sunday Morning

Our Breakfast Room Service

With the weather looking clear we ran down to the beach and enjoyed laying on the loungers and enjoying some cocktails. I got a Bloody Mary and Jenn got a Pina Colada.

We did have a funny moment while laying out depending on what perspective you look at it. While we were out enjoying the sun there was a circle of birds that were kind of hovering overhead both Jenn and I and they were not moving at all. I looked over at Jenn and told her I thought they were going to unload there lunch on us and sure enough as they began to fly away a nice blob landed right on my foot. I don’t think we laughed harder the whole trip, it was one of those times I wish I wasn’t right.

Literally as we both started to get a bit “to much sun” the clouds began to come over us and the wind started to kick up so we packed up from the beach and headed up for another round of ping-pong. After a few sets of competitive action we headed to the Barcelona restaurant for lunch. Jenn definitely showed me how to work the Barcelona buffet when she got freshly cooked salmon, shrimp, and scallops all of which tasted delicious. I went with a pasta and pizza combo which was OK but no where near as good as Jenns.

Later in the afternoon we got a call from the front desk letting us know that our request to get our room change was granted. When we booked our room originally we booked a two-story terrace room but when we arrived we got one that had the terrace on the same floor. So Jenn called and just asked if there was a possibility to get a two-story room and they said they would let us know. We were so excited to get the new room because the views were much better and the rooftop terrace was ideal.


A Video Tour of Our New Room with a Rooftop Terrace

After we got settled into our new room we booked our couples massage for later in the week and then got prepared for dinner. We decided to try out the out the hotels French restaurant Chez Izabelle and really enjoyed it. We got a bottle of Chardonnay which we both enjoyed, it was very light and very tasty. Jenn got French Onion Soup, Duck, and then Vanilla Ice Cream. I ordered the seafood soup, escargot, filet of beef, and crème brule with coffee.

Cancun Day 2 Easy Like Sunday Morning

The very tasty escargot

Cancun Day 2 Easy Like Sunday Morning

Filet of Beef

Cancun Day 2 Easy Like Sunday Morning

Jenn's Duck

Cancun Day 2 Easy Like Sunday Morning

Enjoying One of the Best Dinners of the Trip

We finished off the night by enjoying our spa on the patio and just enjoying the beautiful Cancun night.  What an amazing day it turned out to be.