Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 (November 5th - 6th, 2010): Here Comes The Sun

It may come as no surprise to anyone but Jenn and I love to travel. I might even go as far to say we live for it and try to do it as much as possible. Earlier in the year we were blessed to go to Barcelona, Spain and what an amazing trip that turned out to be. However after that trip we promised each other our next trip would be some where both warm and relaxing. So it comes as no surprise that we ended up with a week trip to Cancun, Mexico and boy are we both glad we did.

The trip started out with us carpooling to work and heading down to downtown Los Angeles to spend the night before our flight the next morning to Cancun. On our way to the hotel we stopped at a very trendy bar/lounge called The Edison (no relation to the company we both work for) for a few vacation starting drinks. We had a great time, enjoyed some cocktails and calamari. From The Edison we headed down the street to a small pizza place where we had a delicious pepperoni pizza and continued to enjoy the beautiful evening in downtown LA.

When the dinner and drink festivities ended we headed off to the Renaissance Marriott by LAX where we had booked a room for the night which included leaving our car there for a week. The check in and car parking went as smooth as silk and we were ready for our 9am flight to Houston and then off to Cancun.

When the time came to make our way over to LAX (around 6am) we literally walked down while the hotel shuttle was just arriving, it was truly great timing. We made it through security and were about 2 hours early for our flight. So we first made a stop at Cinnabun and got a regular cinnamon roll to split. In all honesty we both agreed that they didn't taste as good as we remembered. From Cinnabun we headed to a book store where Jenn browsed magazines and I picked up a book for the trip.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

Waiting for Our Flight Out of LAX

Our flight from LAX to Houston was great, the plane had individual TV screens with a good selection of movies. I watched Salt and Jenn watched Despicable Me which made the 3 hour flight feel painless. When we got to Houston we had about an hour layover so we quickly made it up to the Fox Sports Grill and split a sampler platter while watching college football. Literally as we finished the platter our flight began to board and we were on our way to Cancun.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

Fox Sports Sky Box in the Houston Airport

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

Sampler Platter @ Fox Sports Sky Box

The flight into Cancun from Houston is about 2 hours and it too flew by. We did have a lady on the plane next to us who had a few to many drinks during the flight who looked like she might loose her lunch right in front of us, but outside that it was a pretty normal flight. We made our way through customs and to our amazement our bags were the first off the plane so we grabbed them and were off to our designated pick up area where our driver picked us up and took us on our 45 minute drive to our hotel, The Excellence Playa Mujeres.

Getting to the hotel was kind of a trip, the hotel literally has three security check points you have to get cleared through before arriving at the resort. Once at the resort we were greeted with cold towels and champagne and were shown to our 2 story rooftop terrace and began to get settled in.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

In Room Spa on the First Floor of our Roof Top Terrace

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

A Lovely Towel Fixture on Our Bed with a Rose

It was a beautiful night in Cancun so after getting slightly unpacked we went to Agave (1 of 7 restaurants at the hotel) a Mexican food restaurant for dinner. I had lobster bisque followed by ajillo shrimp and flan for desert. Jenn had tortilla soup followed by chicken/steak fajitas and vanilla ice cream. In very typical Cancun style we also had margaritas with our meal, Jenn had a strawberry one and I had a tropical.

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

Beef/Chicken Fajitas

Cancun Trip 2010 Day 1 Here Comes the Sun

Ajillo Shrimp

We finished off the night playing some very intense games of ping pong followed by watching The Dark Knight in our room. It was a wonderful and relaxing start to our Cancun vacation.