Obama Propaganda Video is Pretty Scary

So this morning I heard about this "pledge" video that was circulating the internet. I have tried to do a little digging into what this was to be used for and from what I understand it has something to do with September 8th and this video being shown in schools.

Regardless of when, where, or how this is shown, this is some pretty blatant propaganda. I remember in college watching translations of Chinese propaganda under Mao and how I never understood how people fell for it. And although I am not comparing Obama to Mao I must say that I cannot believe that we as American citizens subscribe to something as blatantly obvious as this video.

What maybe is even more disheartening is that everyone in this video is an actor/actress and yet we are supposed to pledge along them? Aren't these people the same people who are paid to say what they are told to repeat lines that are already written for them? I love movies and television but I am not a big fan of when they leave my TV and enter politics.
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