Getting Married in 2 Days and Cannot Wait

Jenn and I have been planning our wedding for over 5 years now. I mean we knew early on in our relationship that we were going to get married once we got done with college. Well after a year of planning the day is finally coming and I am honestly at the edge of my seat with excitement. I thought by this point I would not be able to sleep and would be full of nerves but to be honest there has been nothing better then looking forward to September 19th.

So with that being said tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner which takes place at 5:30pm and then we go for dinner. Friday I am hanging with most of my groomsman and going to play a round of golf and then Saturday is the big day. I truly am so excited and so ready for the day I cannot even put it into words.

On Sunday the day after the wedding we leave for Scotland where we are staying for 5 days and then going to London for 2. It is a short week trip but I think it will be an amazing honeymoon, nice and cold, and beautiful. I will not be doing daily updates from Scotland this trip as I am not bringing any electronics with me. I however will be writing down some notes from each day and posting them when I get back with a bunch of pictures and videos!

Anyways I am off to get married here in a few days and I will be back after my Honeymoon!!!! See you all then!