Jenn and I Are Both Got iPhone 3GS's

Over the past few years Jenn and I have become bigger and bigger fans of Apple products. For both of us it started with iPods, then we both went to Macbooks, and then I went to an iPhone. Because Jenn and I wanted to join a family plan and at the time we were in part time work, we decided to go with a budget Verizon Wireless plan. It worked fine, except for the fact that Jenn went through two phones, outside of that everything was ok. But then there came a time where I wanted to go back to an iPhone and Jenn started to have the craving for one from all of the commercials advertising all of the apps on the iTunes store. Once I walked her through some of the apps on iTunes we were sold on going back and getting some iPhones.

Apple iPhone 3GS's 16GB

So it just so happened that our birthdays were today (Jenn's) and yesterday was mine. Yes we are a day apart, and although that may sound great, it does make it tough to enjoy each others special day. Regardless late last week we decided to treat ourselves to an early birthday present and we both bought each other or ourselves Black 16gb iPhone 3Gs's. Why did we go with the 3GS. Well the $100 bump didn't seem like that big of a hit for a faster phone with video, and it seemed like a better feature set that will last us another 2 years.

Twitter Logo

So far it has been amazing. Jenn has been buying Apps constantly. There was once a time where Jenn had held my original iPhone out the window while I was driving saying that I was addicted, well she may be falling into her own trap, I think I have created an iPhone addict. She even wants to start tweeting. So we downloaded the App TweetDeck and we both now will be tweeting on my Twitter account so you can follow us on there. I am sure down the road I will have a ton of posts on our iPhone 3GS adventure.