Federer Has Just Been Crowned The Best Tennis Player of All Time

I remember at the beginning of 2009 joking around saying that Federer was going to win the French Open, never really thinking he would, as much as I would have liked him to. With the field opening up as Nadal was ousted early on in the tournament all eyes then focused on Federer to see if he could finally take hold on the one trophy that he still had not yet hoisted that of the winner of the French Open. That all changed this morning when Federer was dubbed the King of Tennis as he easily pulled out his first French Open title. Not only has he tied Pete Sampras with 14 majors but he also did something Pete never was able to accomplish and that is win a career grand slam. In my opinion there is no question that Federer is now the King of Tennis. Go Fed Go!

Federer Wins the 2009 French Open