We Have Shopped and Almost Dropped

So a few weeks ago I let you all know that Jenn and I got the keys to our apartment. Although we are only here for about half the week right now we are still shopping for the place like crazy and boy has that started to take a toll. Let me make one thing clear from the start I actually have enjoyed every minute of shopping for the place. Yes I said that correctly I have actually really enjoyed it. Jenn and I have been talking about what we were going to do to our perspective first place of residence for a long time now, and now we are in and are living it up. So far we have gotten a number of the big ticket items out of the way.

- Dining Room Table and Chairs
- Living Room Couch and Lounger
- CA King Bed, Dresser, and Two Night Stands

Things we still need/want:

- Entertainment Center
- Office Desk/Chair
- Coffee Table
- Lamps
- 52" LCD
- iMac

I have to say we have made great progress in 2 weeks and I can only imagine more posts showing you that progress. So far it is turning out beautiful and I couldn't be happier!