Finding Out How Well I Use My Netflix Account

Today I was doing some surfing and I was reading some articles on Netflix's plan to raise their rates on Bluray subscribers. So one article pointed me to, a site that tells you how well you are using Netflix, and what value you get out of it. I am currently on the one at a time service which is $8.99 plus $1 for the right to rent Bluray movies. That rate will go up by a $1 next month which is kind of a bummer but then again I wouldn't even dare think about closing my account.

Let me get back on track though. FeedFlix offers a really cool look at your rental habits. For example it tells me that:

  • You have been a Netflix member since March 2005 and have returned 392 titles to date
  • You most recently returned a movie on 31/Mar/09 i.e. 1 day ago
  • You keep titles at home for an average of 9 days
  • You see 6.0 titles by DVD and 1.7 titles by Instant Watch each month

I think the stat that makes me the most uset is that I keep titles at home for an average of 9 days. I don't know why I wait so long to watch movies, but I guess life can get in the way at times. Here are some of the graphical views the site gives.

So all in all its a pretty cool service, and if your a Netflix subscriber you can see how good you are at using your service. FeedFlix also lets you know how your doing against other Netflix subscribers. I am in the 33rd percentile. i.e., 33% of FeedFlixers pay less than you per movie! Which means 67% pay more!!