Watchmen Ends Up Being a Big Disappointment

There are a lot of movies I look forward to, but Watchmen was a moving that I was looking forward to more then many others in the first half of 2009. I really enjoy comic book based movies and I was really impressed with all of the trailers leading up to this movie so needless to say I had high hopes for the movie. But boy was that a let down.

There is a really classic line in the trailer where one of the character movies says "The world will shout save me, and I will whispher, no" and it seems like it would be  crucial line in the movie, but its just kind of thrown in a few minutes into the movie with no real effect to go along with it. The entire movie takes you along this long convaluted maze where your not sure really what the point of all these super heroes is. You never are given a backstory for many of the characters in the movie, so you have 0 clue as to why they are "super heroes". Not to mention the fact that many of these good guys aren't even all that likeable. I have to admit I liked 300, I thought it was a clevar, well stylized movie that had some great action sequences. I never got all that pumped about the action in The Watchmen, in fact a lot of it felt a bit forced, and I never really cared what was going on.

Watchmen Movie

All in all I was more intrigued by previews for movies like Star Trek and Public Enemies then I was by the far to long Watchmen. If you haven't seen the movie, hold off and rent it.