Finding Time to Blog Working Full Time

I always took for granted my schedule when I was in school and working part time. I for the most part had either days at school where I would much rather blog then be paying attention to a lecture or just extra time in general to blog. Since starting to work full time back in December I have found it increasingly more difficult to get to the blog and write interesting posts. I just don't think people will find my daily grind at work all that interesting to read about, so I choose not to post about work related things.

I have been able to get in a really solid routine to work full time and come home and work on Darkstation, which has worked out well. I get home a good hour or two before Jenn does which gives me time to just make sure I get it done. So far this has been a good system and things seem to be going just as good if not better then before I started working full time. I haven't had as much time to play video games however as I usually get home work on the site, eat dinner, watch some TV and hit the sack, so most of my gaming is on the weekends or late nights.

I am finding myself enjoying games more now then I have in the past couple of years, mostly because it has become a nice escape from work. When I get home a lot of times I just want to gravitate towards something interactive, enjoyable and fun. I have found myself going for a lot more causal or easy going games rather then the FPS or RTS that I normally would go for.

All in all things are going really good, and my only hope is that I start to make more time for the blog as it still is something I want to keep going for a long time.