Just Got Back From A Weekend Getaway at Indian Wells

Jenn and I both have been ready for a vacation for quite sometime, and so we took a quick over night trip to Indian Wells about an hour drive from where we now live. This weekend they had the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament or now known the PNB Paribas Tennis Tournament that we were going to try and attend when we were down there. So a little back story for those who don't personally know me or who haven't followed the blog for a while I used to go to Indian Wells every year with Jenn and her parents but that hasn't happened the last few years. Jenn and I have our honeymoon in September but were looking for some quicker trips to help us relax on the weekends while we wait for the big day! So Jenn started searching for places to go and poof she finds a great deal to go Indian Wells for a night so we booked a night in a two bedroom villa at the Hyatt Grand Champions So we left pretty early on Saturday morning around 9am to try and hit some early matches but when we drove up we saw a big sign saying "Saturday Day Session Sold Out". We have never bought tickets early so we never even though we would have to buy tickets before hand, but needless to say we called and they confirmed they were sold out for the day session. So we went to our hotel only a minute or two from the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. So we drove there and checked in and confirmed our room and were told they would call us when it was ready.

So in the meantime we had lunch,walked the resort, played some ping pong, and laid by the pool.

Steak Sandwich at The Hyatt Grand Champions

Steak Sandwich for Lunch

Jenn's Hamburger from The Hyatt Grand Champions

Jenn's Hamburger for Lunch

Walking Around The Hyatt Grand Champions

Walking Around The Hyatt Grand Champions

The Villas at The Hyatt Grand Champions

The Villas at The Hyatt Grand Champions

When we did get the call at 2PM we were off to our room. I made this quick little video and put it on Youtube to show our room.

We got really lucky with a great deal on this room, a lot less then what it normally goes for. Jenn does a lot of research on Kayak.com and it made this one of those trips that we jut had to take. So we got the room, did this quick video and laid out on our patio and used the spa. The patio was one of the nicest parts of the room, it was huge with a spa, loungers, a few chairs, a bbq, and a really nice view.Following that we went to dinner, since we did not go the the tennis tournament we decided to go for a big dinner at a place called LG's Steakhouse. I got a glass of Pinot Grigio, and had a three course set dinner which started with a Salad, Prime Rib and Capaccino Ice Cream. Jenn had cranberry juice and also went with the set meal starting with a Salad (which I ate), Filet Mignon, and Vanilla Ice Cream.


LG Steakhouse Menu

LG's Steakhouse Menu

LG Steakhouse Prime Rib

Prime Rib @ LG's Steakhouse

So after we got back from dinner we spent some time in the spa and then watched Notting Hill one of my favorite romantic comedies. Although I own the movie it was one of those right place right time movies to watch so we watched it.

Our Spa in Our 2 Bedroom Villa at The Hyatt Grand Champions

Our Spa at Night

So that brings us to today which we woke up at about 8:30ish and spent the rest of our time at the hotel just relaxing by the pool. We got a Pina Colada from the pool side bar and did our best to get as much of a tan as we could. All in all it was a really a great weekend. We learned that overnight trips are far to short, and that if we do another mini vacation we are at least doing two nights so we can get some more relaxing time. Regardless it was a great weekend and one that will really help us in the weeks to come.

Pina Colada at the Hyatt Grand Champions

Pina Colada on Our Patio