Federer Falls Again to Nadal at the Aussie Open

I am not a big fan of Rafael Nadal at all. In fact I will root for just about anyone on the men's tour besides Nadal. There is just something about him that just really irritates me. It could be his girl pants, but ever since he won his first French I just have never liked him. As many of you know my favorite Tennis player at the moment is James Blake and will be until he retires. I am still rooting for him to win a major! However back to the topic at hand, how does Federer keep loosing to Nadal? This Aussie final with Nadal and Federer reminded me far to much of the Wimbledon final of 2008.

Federer and Nadal at the Aussie Open 08

I know Federer was really down after loosing this latest match to Nadal, and in fact I can't blame the guy, he gave it everything he had. But how great would it be for Federer to match Sampras's record on Nadal's court of Rolland Garos? Not only would he tie Sampras but he would complete his career slam, something that Sampras never was able to do! Do I think it will happen? Probably not but here is to hoping!!