Honeymoon Day 7 (September 27, 2009): Goodbye Europe, Hello Home!

It's amazing how quickly vacations go by. Jenn and I planned our Honeymoon back in January and for all of the hours that we put into planning it, it sure goes by quick. Although a very quick trip it was also an amazing Honeymoon, one that far exceeded both Jenn and my expectations. We woke up on our last morning in London with heavy hearts and heavy eye lids as the trip once again caught up to us. Our original plan on this final day in Europe was to head to the park where we both got engaged but given the small amount of time to make our flight and the fact that we wanted to rest we decided that we were better off saving that for another trip.

We ended up leaving The Park City Hotel a little before lunch time and made our way back on the tube to Heathrow airport. Jenn once again did a fantastic job navigating the tube and got us to the airport with no issues what so ever. The flight back to the US was a bit longer then on the way going to Europe, but that is to be expected. All in all it was an amazing journey and one that Jenn and I will never forget.