A Long Week Turns to Great Weekend

I started my new job at Southern California Edison at the beginning of December and boy has it been a wild ride ever since. I really enjoy my new job but I got put in part of a project that was already missing key dates and was put on the team to help get back up to speed and finish the project. Well this week marks the definite due date of this project and the last few weeks has been full of some really long hours. This is the second 50+ hour work week which is fine but it means I really have to maximize my weekend and this past weekend I feel like I really did.

Friday night I left work at around 9:45PM, I start at 7:00am and only had a 30 minute lunch through the day so as you can guess it was a long, long day. Saturday I spent the first half of the day relaxing and then Jenn and I headed out in the early evening to the local movie theaters and saw Slumdog Millionaire. I liked the movie a lot but I am one that thinks it might have been over hyped. The story was inspirational, and it was truly a well made movie but the way people talked about this movie I was expecting perfection and I just didn't see that in this movie. It is a movie I will want to buy but I just don't know if I would be so ready to give it the Best Picture nod for the upcoming Academy Awards.

So after the movie we decided to go for a little ice cream at this new place called Cherry On Top. It is a self service soft served ice cream shop where you can take your choice of toppings and you are charged on the weight of your creation. I had a chocolate soft serve with oreos, gummy bears, bananas and nuts. It was a really weird combination but it was really quite tasty.

After such a long week I just wanted to relax so Jenn and I decided just to drive, and of course we like to hang out down in the beach areas so we headed down to our favorite place, Irvine. We didn't even head out for the coast until 9PM (after the movie and ice cream) so when we ended up in Irvine we actually went down to the Irvine Spectrum which is a huge outdoors mall with a Carousel and Ferris Wheel. Jenn had the great idea of going on the Ferris Wheel which was really beautiful at night. It was one of the many times I regretted not having my camera along with me. It was such a fun night we were singing along with the radio, grabbed some hot cocoa and just enjoyed a really relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Irvine Spectrum Ferris Wheel

Yesterday we also had our first week of a six week Pre-Marital class at the church we attend here in Riverside, The Grove. This is a requirement for us to have the pastor we chose for our wedding to do our ceremony. So we got through the first week and so far so good, it should be interesting to see how this course goes. Neither Jenn or I like these sort of things but we both agree that it can't be bad for us. All in all it was such a great weekend I got to spend a lot of time with Jenn and just relax with her throughout the weekend. Now its back to the grind, another week another dollar!