Finally Changed to a New Wordpress Theme

I have been using Wordpress for a while now, and I have gone through a lot of changes in design. I actually kept the last one the longest mostly because I just thought it was simple and easy, but it was time for a change. Today I introduced a new theme, and I hope people find it more functional and a little bit more streamline. The new theme is much more simple and to the point and I think going forward it will give me all the flexibility I will need for any sort of posts.

I have been thinking of changing themes for a while, and every time I do change I always seem to want to look back. I have noticed a steady change in post types over the years, whether it be about Jenn and I or vacations, movies, books, TV, video games, food and all other sorts of things. I just love reading about things that happened in years past and I hope it is that alone that keeps me blogging in one form or another for a long, long time.

Please do let me know what you think of the new theme. There are still some changes to format to come, especially in the left navigation bar. I hope to get some new plugins and really customize this theme to use for at least the rest of the year.