One Year Until the Big Day

Well by the time I got this post done it will actually be less then a year from the big day for Jenn and I. Yes on September 27, 2009 Jenn and I are getting married. This isn't necessarily news for anyone who kept up with the Europe 2008 trip, but I don't think I have announced our date, so there it is. To commemorate that, Jenn and I went down to where we are getting married down in Dana Point, CA to the spot we are getting married at yesterday. It was a beautiful, somewhat overcast day, and it was just great to get out and get down there. We also bought our engagement photos which like everything about this wedding were a bit on the pricey side of things, but 100% worth it.

What I find crazy is the massive changes that will happen from today to next year. What jobs will we be in, where will we end up living, who is going to come to the wedding, how will the wedding be, will the economy turn itself around by then, will the 49ers be any good by then? All of these questions remained to be answered between now and then. Whatever the case as Jenn and I talked about yesterday, no matter what we just can't wait or 363 days from now when we both can say "I Do". It is something for me I have been waiting for and anticipating for 5 years now, and I think I can manage to wait for just one more.

I will have more updates on our wedding soon, in fact I have been using iWeb to create a wedding page for Jenn and I, and so far I love the software, it makes clean and easy sites and I am hoping I can make this website turn out top notch. I will link everyone to it when its up so you can get ahead of the game and rush out and buy us something! Just kidding. Well maybe not!