What a Weekend It Was

So this weekend I was supposed to go see an LA Galaxy game (soccer game) with my Dad and Brother with some free tickets that my mom had gotten from her work. Well we ended up having the wrong day/# of tickets and didn't go. That worked out anyways as Jenn and I went with Jake and Amy (my brother and sister) out to Orange County for what we thought would be a night of dinner and mini golf. Well one thing I have learned with my fiance Jenn is that plans are only minor guidelines to what a day is going to be. That is really what I love about her, if it wasn't for her I would just do the same thing over and over and over again and never really experience anything.

We went to Downtown Disneyland to go get some food and everything was packed, we walked around for a good half hour trying to figure out what to do and decided that it was actually getting late and we hadn't done anything. Jenn and Amy (both are big on making new plans) decided we should all get a hotel room, rent a movie and get some room service. So we ended up staying at the Hyatt Irvine got some desert and watched What Happens in Vegas. Who would have thought?

That is what is so great about Jenn. you never have a clue what to expect so it always keeps you on your toes. We all had a great time, we were dead tired on Sunday, but sometimes its better when plans don't work out.