Darkstation.com Has Officially Re-Opened Its Doors


Beginning in January of 2008 I began work along side Josh Salder from Josh Sadler Designs laying the ground work for the new Darkstation.com! Now a little bit of the backstory first. I began writing at Darkstation in September of 2002, and have been one of the bigger contributers in terms of content for the site. In the recent year, year and a half the sites owner has started his own business and has had little time to work and improve the Darkstation.com website. So I approached him at the end of 2007 into the beginning of 2008 on me taking over operations of the site. Like any webmaster who loves there project its hard to see at first, but we both came to the realization that the site needed to keep moving forward and not stay stagnant to long, so we began working.

When I say work, I mean 5-7 days a week, an hour or two a day getting the content transferred over to the new content management system (CMS) going through a ton of mock up designs, and then implementing this over the months. The project was one of the most developed projects I have ever been a part of, and to see it all come together as it has, is amazing. Now that the site has launched, and the anticipation is over, its now time to get to work. My hope is not only to bring the site back to a point where it used to be in terms of # of visitors, but I would like to far surpass those numbers and become one of the more distinguished fan based gaming websites on the interwebs today.

Please let me know what you think of the site, what you think of the design, content, load times, etc. I hope you all enjoy and you can expect a ton of updates on the progression of the site.