Welcoming in a New Month and the Announcement of my Latest Project

Welcome back everyone, I know it has been a while since my daily posts while traveling through Europe, but I needed to take sometime, get rested up, and really geared to get back to as close to daily updates as I can on this hear blog. What have you missed since coming back from Europe? Well Jenn and I are already on the search for a wedding location which so far has yielded some nice finds but as of right now no final decisions have been made. When planning the engagement, and planning to get married I don't think I ever sat back and thought about the actual wedding. But that time has come and gone, it is the daily talk of the house, and it really is quite exciting. Outside of that, not anything else really new here, except for the announcement of my latest and by far biggest project I have worked on.

As many of you know, last year I went on a spending spree buying a ton of different TV site blog domains, developing the sites, and then I sold them earlier this year. That worked out really nicely. The problem with those sites were that they were not bringing in the type of revenue I would have liked, and secondly I couldn't specialize in one area, I spread myself far to thin and didn't do as great of a job as I could have. So I decided this year to go a different direction, instead of doing multiple projects I would work on one big project. What is that project? As of earlier this year I have been in talks with the owner of Darkstation.com, where I have been writing video game reviews, previews, interviews, news, etc for about 6 years and we have decided that I would take over the site and take it to the next level. So coming this month, yes this month, I will be launching the new version of Darkstation.com.

Taking over Darkstation is something that I have wanted to do for years, it has slowly been loosing steam and it was desperatley needing a new look, and some new blood. So Rizal (the owner) and I discussed a partnership of such where I would take over operations he would remain part of the site, but a smaller role. What does this mean for the site? Well it has gotten a complete make over, with the help of my good friend Josh Sadler who designed the site, and using CustomCMS we have created a site that I believe is far more appealing then the current product out right now. The new version will be coming out this month, there are only a few tasks that need to be done before launch. The design is about 100% done and the implementation in the CMS is about 99% done, where we are still working hard to finish is in content where we still have a bit of work to do. My estimated ETA would be next weekend. My original goal was 08-08-08 so I figure we are going to be extremely close to hitting that target date. Whatever the case I am very excited to show all of you the new version, get your feedback, and continue to expand Darkstation beyond what it already is today a great video game website and resource.