Europe Trip 2008 Day #20: The Conclusion of a Wonderful Trip

Although I am writing this final post before I actually fly home, I wanted to take this opportunity to recap the amazing three week journey that just concluded. It all began way back (it feels like years ago) on July 2nd when Jenn and I took off for London from LAX. I cannot believe how blessed I was to have the weather hold out and for me to be able to propose in London under such beautiful conditions. How blessed I also am for the fact that she said yes to the proposal and we are now engaged to be married, what a great way to start off such an amazing journey.

I am not going to recap every day of the cruise, I am sure you can read them all for yourself. What I do want to say is how fortunate I am to be able to sit here on the Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas cruise ship writing a post on the last three weeks of my life. Traveling through some of these countries has given me a renewed perspective on how fortunate we really are in America. Sure there are some nice places in Italy, France, and England but in places like Turkey and Egypt where poverty is a major issue it is tough to just drive by and stare and not feel fortunate to be in the position we are in.

This trip was by far the best trip I have ever been on. We traveled to and from four different continents (North America, Europe, Asia and Africa) through numerous countries, lifestyles, temperatures, styles, and the like. Each area carried there own unique flare that then turns around and influences my life as well. What I love about traveling and about this trip are the memories. The memory of going camel riding in Egypt, or stepping on the clay of center court at Roland Garros, or of course the most memorable of all proposing to Jenn at St. James Park in London.

As I mentioned before I really do hope you have enjoyed the three week journey along with Jenn and I throughout all of these amazing adventures. I know that nothing takes the place of actually visiting these places yourself but I at least hope that our three weeks of traveling has given you ideas for things to do and not to do on your own vacation. I hope you have all enjoyed and thank you all very much fo