Europe Trip 2008: The Day Before Departure

How time just flies by when you look forward to something. Thus is the case with this upcoming Europe trip which this time tomorrow I will be boarding a plane headed to Europe. I wouldn't imagine our first day in London posting anything but plan on every other day updates from there on out. I will do my best with pictures as well, it just depends on time. As of right now I am 92% packed and Jenn is 99.9% packed so we are good to go in that regards. I have all my gadgets ready to go, Nintendo DS, PSP, Mac Book, a Book (yes a book), iPhone, and a pack of DVD's. What more could you really ask for?

Plus there are actually some pretty decent movies on the plane, Semi-Pro, 21, Be Kind Rewind, Definitley Maybe, and The Bank Job all movies I have not seen before and should keep me occupied. The big hopeful is that I sleep on the plane to get adjusted to London/Europe time as quick as possible. Well there may be a pre-flight post, but if not the next time I post I will be in London! See you when I am over the pond!