Europe Trip 2008 Day #14: Living the Life at Sea

Today’s update will be much shorter then the last three or four, as there were no ruins to visit, no tour guide to tip, and no wake up call to ignore. The day started at close to noon for both Jenn and I and boy did that feel good. There really isn’t a whole lot to do on day’s at sea, according to the ship’s captain we were making circles in the ocean because we were far ahead of schedule to make Egypt tomorrow. Jenn and I would have never known, we slept through most of the day.

It wasn’t until noon when we woke up and even then it was calling for room service for lunch and hanging out in the room. For some reason on vacation I am more likely to feel like reading, when I am home I never have that notion, but I bought a book called Hold Tight for the trip and I have been actually wanting to read. We had lunch at 12:30ish I got another drink today it was called a Singapore Slider (once again not sure what was in it) and we had a really nice lunch in the room. The only real activity we did for the day was go down and play Bingo where we all would have done better if the game was see how few numbers you can punch off.

Dinner was nice tonight, it was another formal night which meant taking a lot of pictures. Jenn seems to want to flash the ring on the pictures every chance she gets, I don’t mind at all, although taking pictures isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. I had calamari for my appetizer and lamb chops for my main course followed by a chocolate extravaganza for desert. I am really not a huge lamb fan, but cruises are a great chance to have things you would normally not want to pay for in a restaurant so I figured what the heck. Jenn went her normal route although she did join me for calamari as her appetizer.

Tonight’s show was a complete bust, it was so bad we walked out 20 minutes into it. It was supposed to a comedy variety show with a husband and wife, and it was the complete opposite of funny or entertaining. As much as I ragged on the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers, they ran circles around this couple in terms of being entertaining. I was telling Jenn before the show that my favorite shows are the stand up comedians, I remember one of my first cruises laughing so hard I almost started crying with a standup comedian and so far the show’s on this cruise have been a bit of a letdown.

Really today was all about getting ready for the big day tomorrow, Alexandria Egypt. We take a 2 hour bus ride into Cairo where we are seeing the Pyramids, riding a camel, and making a few other stops along the way. It is supposed to be in the 90’s in Cairo and we are told to where conservative clothing due to the fact that Egypt is a muslim nation, so jeans and a shirt tomorrow which should be nice and toasty. A lot of the staff on the cruise has warned us to be extra cautious tomorrow as it is supposed to be pretty dirty and pretty intense. So I would expect one of the more interesting posts tomorrow. There may be a slight delay in posting, its a 13+ hour tour, so chances are sleep will be in order, but rest assured we have another day at sea the following day so I can always catch up then. That is all from the Legends of the Sea, I hope you enjoyed and until then Naharak Sayeed (Good day in Egyptian), its off to the pyramids!