Europe Trip 2008: Packing

Jenn is officially packed. I cannot believe that she managed to fit all that she managed to fit but she did it. Jenn is bringing a rather small suitcase, especially for this legnth of trip, however she is packed and ready to go as you can see below us.

Jenn Packing for Europe Trip 2008
Jenn Packing for Europe Trip 2008

I on the other hand just got my packing rolled, and now awaiting Jenn's approval. I am not one to dress myself, I have 0 style, and really 0 desire to figure out what matches, which is why I have Jenn who does a much better job on that end then I could ever do.

Europe Trip 2008 Packing

Can you believe it is only 2 days away from departure at LAX? This time in two days we will be at LAX eating dinner awaiting our flight. Ten hours later in London. How crazy is that? Check back tomorrow for a deeper look into the packing and preparation for our big Europe 2008 Trip.