Apple Officially Announces the 3G iPhone

I was really looking forward to today, among being one of my last days of school (1 final today and my last on Wednesday) I was more interested in finding out what Steve Jobs had to say at WWDC. Most of the conference that I heard on was rather slow and unlike many other Steve Jobs conferences I have watched. I have said that I would look forward to apps on my iPhone and I truly am. However what stole the show was the already given fact that the iPhone 3G was announced. Some of the new features is a nice new black or white coat of paint on the back, the Me service which is hopefully going to do much better then .Mac and GPS.

Do I want to upgrade to the 3G version of the iPhone? I actually am very content with my current iPhone, besides a nice crack in the screen that I happened to cause last week. I just don't want to be locked in to another 2 years of AT&T which has given me spotty service since August of last year when I first switched to them. More over it seems like they are going to be doing yearly updates (at least in my opinion) of the iPhone and although the GPS and 3G sounds fantastic I am not sure its worth putting another two years on my plan. Whatever the case its always excited when Steve Jobs gets up to talk, and it makes me very excited and hopeful that we will see a new Macbook and Macbook Pro this holiday season.

iPhone 3G