The Lakers are Heading to the NBA Finals

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am jumping on a bandwagon. If you ask me my favorite football team it would be the 49ers, baseball, The Angels, Golf Player Tiger Woods, Tennis Player James Blake, but when it comes to basketball I just don't have a team, probably because I have never been a huge fan. However this season, before the Pao Gasul trade for the Lakers, I began to show signs of interest. Now I have been watching most of their games and have been enjoying it. Last night was one of the more exciting basketball games I have watched in a while, and seeing the Lakers head to the NBA finals is fantastic news, it means more basketball in the weeks to come. How great would a LA vs. Boston match-up be? I for one am hoping for that, and hoping that the Lakers take home another ring.

Kobe Bryant vs. Spurs