I For One Am Enjoying the New ESPN News HD

I am a big fan and supporter of ESPN. I have heard many of my favorite radio hosts call it the evil four letter station, but I for one enjoy most of their coverage. Except for Bob Knight, why do they want this son of a gun on as a NCAA Basketball Announcer, the man is an idiot and should be punished for the terrible way he treated people throughout his career. Moving on however. I love how everything is going HD, I for one have DirecTV HD and I really need to upgrade to HD-DVR. However on my 37" Toshiba LCD, things look fantastic in HD and one channel in particular held it back and that was one of my favorite channels ESPN News. Well now ESPN has upgraded their station and DirecTV within the first day or two added the channel for its subscribers, that is exactly what I like to see!


I have to say the new ESPN News is snazzy. The great menu on the left hand side gives a much stronger look into box scores while still receiving the latest scores in the typical tracker on the bottom. My only issue, its a bit to busy and can be a bit overwhelming at times. Other then that the color is great, the HD picture is fantastic, and I have come back to watching ESPN News over Sportcenter again, because it leaves a lot of the extra frills out and just gives great Sports News, what I like to see! Good work ESPN.