Hillary Clinton Comparing Herself to Rocky

I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, she rubs me the wrong way. I am not sure who I like out of any of the candidates, but something bothers me about her. Things got worse with that feeling when she recently compared herself to my favorite movie character of all time Rocky Balboa. To give you an idea, Rocky is the only movie franchise that I proudly own the box set of and with that "constantly" go back and watch. I own other Box Sets but none are watched as much as Rocky. Secondly when I heard about Rocky Balboa (the recent movie) I skipped work to see it on opening day. When I watched this clip of Hillary comparing herself to Rocky I wanted to cry.

Rocky has got enough on its own to make it a topic of jokes. We all have seen the many spoofs of the movies with old men in walkers boxing, and of course countless movies have used its theme song, but nothing has infuriated me more then Hillary Clinton comparing herself to Rocky. Here is the video of her comparison.

Does she bother you as much as she bothers me? I watch this video and I just don't understand any appeal in her. I can't stand the fact that she used Rocky to compare herself to. And even with all my love for Rocky, would a presidential candidate really want to compare herself to a character who got hit in the head a few to many times, and whose intelligence isn't firing on all cylinders? Just a thought.

As much as I thought of this as being just a witty post, Obama I suppose wasn't going to let this comparison go without a response. Obama was quoted as saying in response to Hillary comparing herself to Rocky:

 “There’s been some talk about Rocky Balboa over the last couple days. And you know we all love Rocky,” Obama told the labor leaders. But we got to remember Rocky was a movie,” Obama continued. “And so is the idea that someone can fight for working people and at the same time, embrace the broken system Washington, where corporate lobbyists use their clout to shape laws to their liking.”

I am sure we will hear more from Rocky's theme song during Hillary's campaign in Pennsylvania, but I doubt we hear of any more comparisons. I hope Hillary remembers that Rocky looses in his first and last fight?