Working on Undisclosed Projects

I love working on projects, most of the time I get a project and then for whatever reason don't follow through on them or in the recent case of my TV Blogs sell them. I did start up based on the new show coming this fall on NBC title Crusoe based on the book Robinson Crusoe. That is just a minor project that I am hoping does even better then mine in the past season. I saw I already have a competitor on that, but my site is indexed on Page 2 of Google when searching for Crusoe TV, I am hoping by the end of the month we will make it to the front page.

That is not my other project, my other project is bigger then any other project I have taken on. I CANNOT WAIT TO ANNOUNCE IT.. But that won't be happening today. It is a project I have been working on for years and it is finally coming to life and this Summer I will be able to unveil it. I am really proud of this project, I have already put a good day or two of hours into the project since starting it and figure to have put a good week worth of hours when it launches. Not only do I expect this site to flourish but I hope many of you who read my blog will enjoy it as well.

From there I will leave you with this, my posting has been irregular, posting a few days in a row and then off a week, and for that I apologize, its the last quarter of college and all I can see is grabbing that diploma and running for the hills, and I really don't want to come back and take a class this summer.