UC Irvine One Game Short From Making NCAA Basketball Tournament Bid

Most of you know by now that I got to UC Irvine. We are not known for being a great sports school. Its kind of a bummer. I really wish we were more competitive, at least we did well in NCAA Baseball last year. Whatever the case, I have been glancing at UCI in the Big West tournament, our only chance of getting into March Madness, and I was shocked to see us upset UCSB yesterday, the #1 team in the Big West.

So I knew we were on ESPN 2 tonight, playing Cal State Fullerton, winner going to the Tournament. Well after missing the first half because of the triple overtime for Nem Mexico and Boise State, UCI was already down 10. From what I hear we are a defensive minded team, but it didn't show tonight. Fullerton was running up and down the court on us. After a slight run from UCI midway through the second half, it was all down hill from there. It was great to see some UCI representation on ESPN, that was neat, its to bad that UCI couldn't have made it for the first time in the NCAA Tournament.