Bill Cosby on Jay Leno Last Night

So I very rarely stay up late enough to watch the late night shows. I usually will watch Colbert at 10:30 and then hit the sack, but last night I was up finishing a book called Black Hands of Beijing for a Chinese Revolution class that I am taking. Needless to say I wanted to wind down a bit after 4+ hours of reading so I flipped between Leno and Letterman. I am finding more and more that I like Leno a lot better. Letterman just bothers me. Needless to say Leno had two guests I was more inclined to watch which was Bill Cosby and Novak Djokovic the tennis player who beat Federer at the Australian Open. Djokovic for those who don't follow tennis is actually one of the lighter hearted guys on the tour and actually does some good impressions. However following Cosby last night left him feeling a bit dry.

Bill Cosby on Leno

Getting on to the point of the post, Bill Cosby was on last night, who I consider to be one of the most entertaining people to watch. The man is just funny. My parents saw him do stand-up a few years back and said he wasn't necessarily running at full speed like he had in the past, but even last night he did a short routine and it really was quite good. It was one of those interviews where you could see Leno was really was a big fan, and the two had a lot of respect for each other. It just reminded me of how much I enjoyed Cosby's work and made me want to go back and watch some of his earlier material. It was good stuff last night, just what you need after reading a rather long winded book.

Also if you want to watch my favorite part of Cosby's stand up is his stand-up on going to the Dentist. I for one HATE the Dentist, so this is especially funny for me. Enjoy