The 80th Annual Academy Awards Recap

So I have to say I am not one that has watched the Oscar's since I was born, in fact it just became something I did in recent years, basically since I met Jenn. I just never have been a big fan of the scripted speeches, the somewhat staged jokes, and just the glitz and glamor of it all. But that cynical side of me has subsided a bit, and I have become a lot more into movies thanks to Netflix, and so I have followed the show a bit more in recent years. So going into this year's Oscars I have to say I was pretty pumped up that Jon Stewart was back as host. As much as I would love to see Steven Colbert take over the lead, Jon Stewart did another great job as host, and is really making a name for himself. His opening monologue tonight was fantastic, nailed it.

Some of the highlights for me this evening was first off Juno winning best original screenplay. I loved the movie. I didn't think it would win best picture, but I am glad it got an award. Secondly why did Transformers not win one of the animation/effects awards, they totally deserved it? I hadn't seen any of the movies with Best Original Song, but I have to say I was rooting heavily against any of the music for Enchanted and hoping for Falling Slowly, because after watching the two preform tonight I became a big fan. And that was so great of Jon to put the girl from the duet back on stage to let her say what needed to be said, which frankly was one of the more memorable quotes of the night.

Jon Stewart Oscars

In closing I can't say I was very surprised by any of the picks, the people who usually call the winners, called them. Daniel Day-Lewis got best Actor which we all expected, and No Country for Old Men Best Picture/Best Director.  In all it was a good show, not great, but one worth the watch, and worth the three hours to just sit back and enjoy what Hollywood had to offer.