Am I The Only One Who Still Likes At the Movies

So I was reading over at an article about At the Movies the movie review show that took over for the highly respected Ebert and Roeper. Well for the past year or two it has been Roeper and a guest, but regardless we all knew there was going to be a chance. Then came At the Movies with  Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons which takes on almost the same format as Ebert and Roeper just with a different rating scale. To me it seems like a lot of fans of Ebert and Roeper just weren't ready for a newer feel to the show, but for me I really like the Ben duo. I am not sure your supposed to be overjoyed by the reviewers but instead entertained and informed and that is why I still watch At the Movies.

To me I watch these sort of shows not because I am going to decide what to see based off there opinions because I'm not. I watch these shows to get a look at what the movies are about, catchup on some of the lesser known movies, and keep my Netflix Queue full. I for one and glad to see some new faces, and I hope they continue to gain an audience and thrive on the new At the Movies.