An Abysmal Fantasy Football Year

So I ended up 3-13-1 this year in Fantasy Football and that tie was sheer luck of having Longwell as my kicker. The only "good" fantasy pick I made this year was Matt Ryan but that didn't do near enough to help me win this year. My first mistake was my first pick of the draft Joseph Addai who was horrible this year. My second mistake was to load up on old running backs and not spread more wealth to my wide outs. I had Plaxico but he shot himself, so that left me with a really weak group of wideouts. My running backs which I thought I stacked up on all turned out to be some of the worst starters in the league. I ended the year with a 6-Game loosing streak and it was fitting to get blown out on my last week.

This isn't one of those years where I just had bad luck, I just had a bad team. I am hoping to take some new strategy into next year's draft to at least make it in the money! I didn't earn a dime this year which is the first time since I started playing in this league, and I am hoping next year will be a big turnaround.