Get Out And Vote!!!!!

Today is election day. Can you believe it has finally arrived? Any Ralph Nader fans? Just kidding. So I just wanted to make sure I got this out here, go vote! It is really important if not for the presidential race for the propositions and your local voting. Out here in California people are really up in arms about Prop 8 which is Gay Marriage. As many of you have probably guessed I am voting Yes on Prop 8 which would stop gay marriage here in California. I do realize the uproar that is going to follow the result of this proposition, so it should be an interesting time.

Does anyone think Obama won't be our next president? Well I have always planned on voting for John McCain since we were given these final two candidates. I was a big fan of Mike Huckabee, but obviously he had no chance, so now we are kind of forced with John McCain. I am not expecting a miracle, I just have never really understood the appeal of Obama. But I guess we better all get ready for it, its going to happen very very soon.

I wish John McCain did interviews like this with Chris Berman because I actually felt like I connected with him. The best quote was "He Could Go All the Way to the White House" and then jumped in with a "That's why we play the game". Good solid short and sweet interview. Here it is on YouTube.

Alright everyone I am not telling anyone who to vote for, but please go out and vote!