I Just Got my First Full Time Job! And So Did Jenn!

Wow what a couple of months this has been. For the past six months since graduating from UC Irvine I got engaged, took an amazing trip to Europe, and now have landed full time employment. I am truly beyond words, I don't even know how to describe the feeling of relief and excitement I have with landing this job. So what is the job? I have taken a position as a Project Analyst at Southern California Edison. The position will entail a lot of computer work in Excel and Access both programs I am fairly familiar with and will hopefully lead to some great opportunities down the road. For those who don't know my current employer is Bank of America and there I work as a Senior Teller and it was past time for a change. I am really excited to move on and really open up my horizons. But I am not the only one with good news these days.

Southern California Edison Logo

Jenn in an effort to always strut her stuff has also landed full time employment, before she even graduates. Jenn is a year younger then me and is about to complete her college degree from UC Irvine in 3 & 1/2 years completing on December 11th of this year. She has also taken a position at Southern California Edison as a Marketing Analyst in a full-time 18 month college program which will then potentially lead to a permanent position. We are not at the same work location as unfortunate as that is, but we both have landed great jobs well before we tie the knot next September.

My last day at Bank of America is this coming Wednesday the 26th of November and my start date is December 1st at Edison. Jenn won't begin her Marketing Analyst program until Mid-January. With the economy the way it is, and the way unemployment is on the rise we both feel extremely blessed to have been given these opportunities.

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