You Gotta Love Netflix

Did you know I love Netflix? If not, I do! I have been a subscriber to Netflix since 2006 and have only had one time where I had any gap in my subscription was the last 3-4 months since I graduated from college. You ever hear the saying you don't know how much you love something until its gone, well I really did miss my Netflix. Jenn not being as big of a movie buff as myself probably enjoyed the time away from Friday DVD night, but its back at least once in a while! So I am back on Netflix with a ton of movies to catch up on. But you may be asking why do I love Netflix? Here are the top 5 reasons I love Netflix and believe it is the best online service to date.

5 Reasons I Love Netflix:

#5:  Netflix's Website: It is easy to navigate, it has a great simplistic design, and quite frankly I can get the movies I want in my Queue and move on.

#4: Instant Watching: I don't use this feature a lot, but I do use it and will more when the new Xbox Live experience on the Xbox 360 comes out which will allow me to stream to my TV. I am also really looking forward to seeing the service on my Mac!

#3: Selection of Movies: There is no way I can complain on the diverse lineup of movies on Netflix. Let's just put it this way I have never had a movie that I couldn't get on Netflix. I had some crazy Chinese Revolution movies I had to rent for a class I had in college and who had them Netflix, who didn't Blockbuster Online.

#2: Ease of Use: Netflix is dummy proof. I mean there is no real skill needed and the effort to get your movies is nothing. The worst feeling in the world is when you decide before you head out to Blockbuster what you want to watch that night and you get there and then they are out and you get stuck with some horrible movie that no one wants to watch. With Netflix that issue is gone.

#1: The Speed: How does Netflix do it? They are so dang fast. I have never seen a company pride themselves on accuracy and speed the way Netflix does. I never get a movie more then 2 days after it is shipped and 99.9% of the time it is the very next day. I very rarely if ever have a problem getting the Blu-Ray versions of movies either.

So all you need to know is if you love movies, you have to get Netflix.