TV Show's I Am Watching this Season

Last year many of you may remember that I created a slew of TV Blogs which I ended up selling during the writers strike. Selling them was a tough but necessary decision at the time and since then my TV watching has actually become enjoyable again. When you are doing something for work like reviewing TV shows, it does take some of the fun away from it, so now that I am not working on any TV Blogs it kind of feels like everything is back to normal.

So then the question arrises, what am I watching this year? Well let's go day by day shall we?

Mondays: I watch way to many shows on Monday nights. First off there is Monday Night Football of course. But then there is Chuck and Heroes on NBC. The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and Jenn and I watch Gossip Girl together. And this is all in one night? You may ask how do I watch all of that in one night? Just wait and you'll see.

Tuesday: The only show I watch on Tuesdays is brand new and its The Mentalist, which Jenn and I are both huge fans of. Outside of that there is plenty of time to catch up on shows from Monday.

Wednesday: Same sort of deal as Tuesday, not really a big fan of any shows on Wednesday. The only one I watch is the new Jay Mohr comedy Gary Unmarried which I do enjoy a bit. Once again a great night to get caught up on Monday night television.

Thursday: There are two shows that I watch on Thursdays, The Office (my favorite show) and Grey's Anatomy. Does anyone really like 30 Rock? I really don't get how it keeps winning Emmy's.

Friday's & Saturdays: Nothing, nada, zip.

Sunday's: FOOTBALL!!!! And of course The Amazing Race on CBS!