Chuck Meets Boy Meets World

I used to be a huge Boy Meets World fan. Heck I think I liked the good old TGIF ABC nights a little to much. I even continued watching reruns of Boy Meets World years after it had ended. So one of my new favorite characters Chuck, on the show of the same name on NBC had a guest star Ben Savage who used to play Cory on Boy Meets World. This was like the ultimate Chuck episode for me. It was a great episode regardless of the guest star, but it was great to see good old Ben Savage back on the TV set. I don't even know if they still do play Boy Meets World reruns. Now that was a great show.

Anyways if you missed this weeks episode of Chuck, go over to Hulu or buy it on iTunes it was a classic episode that if you were a fan of Boy Meets World its great to see Cory back on screen.