Five Movies I Want to See Before 2008 Ends

So Jenn and I went to see Body of Lies this evening, and I liked it, it wasn't my favorite, but I enjoyed it. The previews were extremely solid though. Which gave me an idea, five movies I want to see in the 2 and 1/2 months left in the year. Can you believe 2008 is almost passing us by? Without further ado here are the 5 movies I can't wait to see, and can you believe Daniel Craig is in 2 of them.

#5: Yes Man

Dumb and Dumber is one on my short list for favorite movies of all time. So when I saw the trailer for Yes Man (which looks a lot like Liar Liar) I was extremely excited. Its great to see Jim Carrey back on the comedy scene, and I can't wait to see Yes Man as it looks really good.


#4 The Road

So there is no trailer yet for this movie, but I read the book. Well I should say I listened to the Audible Version of it and I loved it. Cormac McCarthy wrote the book also No Country for Old Men which I didn't love as much. I really think The Road should be a great post apocalyptic movie and could tend to be on the intense side of things.

#3 Fireproof

Yes I know this movie has been out for a few weeks. I told Jenn about this a week before it went to theaters and how bad I wanted to see it. The showtimes have always been off, and its not playing in the many theaters so we haven't gotten to it yet, but we still are going to. I love the fact that Christian movies are able to go main stream. Kirk Cameron is someone that I truly respect, I think the transformation he made from the teen star to a evangelical actor I think is fantastic. Watch the trailer, it will hook you whether your married, getting married, or none of the above.

#2 Quantum of Solace

What can I say, Casino Royale was an amazing film. I really think Daniel Craig nailed Bond, and I can't wait to see him in Quantum of Solace. I was watching Leno the other night when he was on the show, and to hear him talk about how this is a real continuation of the last flick and how much it correlates it got me giddy excited in anticipation. There is nothing like a good heart pumping action movie, and I for one cannot wait to see this movie.

#1: Defiance

Like I mentioned on the onset, there are two movies I cannot wait to see this year from Daniel Craig, the second one being Defiance. I truly cannot wait for this movie. It just seems to me like a great WWII flick that tells a story I have never heard. I really think that this may be a surprise movie of 2008.The trailer since the first time I saw it really sold me on the movie and for that I cannot wait to go see it.

Notable Mentions: The Time Travelers Wife (Another Audible Read), Changeling, Australia, and The Brothers Bloom.