Falling Behind and Trying to Catch Up

Every holiday season for the past five years I have been swamped. Managing Darkstation.com during these months can be some of the most trying and time consuming months of the year. Games are releasing at an alarming rate, the site itself has been doing extremely solid this year with the recent new design which means with more traffic there is more incentive and more reason to make sure to keep the audience coming back for more. We have grown quite a bit since I took over, thus the lack of posts here on the World of Joel.

More then anything I need to get on a more regular schedule with everything. My Darkstation work is more sporatic then it is consistent, and that is a big issue I am having. I want to make sure I continue to keep content flowing throughout the website, but there is a lot of stuff going on in the industry, a ton of huge releases and it can be extremely tough to keep up. So regardless keep an eye out on Darkstation.com it is doing really well and should have some of its best months of the year coming up!