Obama The Democrats Reagan

I read a really interesting article today. It is referring to the speech that Obama gave on his victory speech this past weekend in his Primary win in South Carolina. I have to admit I have "zero" clue who I am voting for in "Super Tuesday" where I will be voting. I am a registered Republican. I have a bit more in common in terms of beliefs with the republican party then democrats, however I am starting to find that my views are kind of split between the two. So I won't be able to vote for Obama even if I wanted to. However I have to say I have been very impressed by what Obama has been able to do against the Clinton's as well. I also have been one of many who have been very impressed by the man's ability to speak to a questioning society.

I am not old enough to know how the society reacted to Ronald Reagan during his eight years in office and his various campaigns. However from everything I have read, studied, and viewed on TV, I can see why this blogger, categorized Barack Obama as the Democrats Reagan. Read his article, its simple, but a good analysis of Obama and the way his speech's are taking Americans by storm.

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