Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

So it has been a while since I have had a book review, with school starting I haven't been listening to my audio books which I get from as much. However yesterday I finished my latest audio book from Audible, which was The Time Traveler's Wife written by  Audrey Niffenegger. Why did I choose to read this book? I had heard great things from some of my readers of Journeyman Blog and many spouted off the numerous similarities between the book and show. After reading the book there are some obvious similarities, but in a lot of ways the book is much darker, much more complex then I think the show ever could be. But how was the book?

Time Traveler's Wife

You know this is the first audio book I have listened to since being a member of Audible that I struggled to get through. It was not only drawn out way to far, but the time traveling that the main character Henry has makes the book feel overly convoluted quite a bit of the time, and also makes you scratch your head and try to figure out where the book is going. If you haven't read it I would say hold off. One of the things I told Jenn while reading the book was that it would make a much better movie then book, and in fact this year there is a movie based off of the book. The book was long, way to drawn out, I don't mind when a author goes beyond the norm in there descriptions of events, but the book takes a long time to describe things and doesn't go very far with it.

Favorite Moment:

Unfortunately when I got to the end. I struggled to get through the book. If I had to actually pick a favorite part/moment in the book however I would say when you learn about Henry traveling back to when his mom was killed in a car accident.